Boycott Target

Kao (

<Why is Kao a target?>
  1. A Big sponsor of FujiTV
  2. Kao says "Boycott is reasonable in democracy"
  3. Remarkably biased reporting about Mao Asada, a Japanese figure skate athlete. (Created her miss-shot panel, praised Korean athletes' win and regretfully reported Mao's loss.)
  4. Sponsoring many daytime Korean dramas, "Tokudane", one of TV programs, that extremely compels Korean culture, and "HEY! HEY! HEY!" that compels K-POP and equips Korean subtitle.
  5. Heavily sponsoring drama with Korean star and troublesome TV program "YikePara 2011".
  6. Main product "Helthia Green Tea" caused liver trouble for some people.

Softbank (

<Why is Softbank a target?>
  1. Has decided to have a Korean company, KT, to manage personnel information. KT has already use personnel information to some other purpose, twice.
  2. KT uses commercials that describe Sea of Japan as "East Sea".
  3. Uses commercials that despises Japanese people.
  4. CEO of Softbank, Son, is said as a Korean resident in Japan, and regards Korean profit as important thing.
  5. Son had said give 10 billion yen to victims of earthquake stricken area but he doesn't. On the contrary he use 4 billion yen of that 10 billion yen for his company's profit.
  6. Son insists that getting out of nuclear power is important and natural energy is to be use, but his aim is to get concessions of electricity power. His speech is ful of contradiction.
  7. Had requested mobile users padded charge, and got administrative warning.
  8. Had held a campaign of giving ADSM modem on Yahoo! BB service for free, and made many of troubles.

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