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I don’t deny there is the feeling of “anti-Korea” in the bottom of the
anti-Fuji TV. Korea is openly provoking Japan such as follows.

1 Korea invaded Liancourt Rocks under the cloak of the absolute chaos
 by Earthquake and Tsunami.
  Treaty of Peace with Japan & Rusk documents.
  The island is in Japanese territory.
  Could you watch following video?? 

 produced by GloriousJapanForever

2 Korea acts up. “Change the name of the Sea of Japan”.
Korea only sticks in Korean craw the word Japan.

3 Korea starved to death financially in 1997.
Japan financially supported individually above and beyond the 
 assistance from the IMF. After getting home, executive in Korean 
 government stated “We appreciate the support from IMF. However the 
 assistance from Japan was bothersome”.
 Financial assistance, which IMF Korea came to terms on, was a total of 
 55 billion dollars.
 Breakdown (dollars)
 International Monetary Fund 21 billion
 World Bank                  10 billion
 Asian Development Bank       4 billion
 Japan                       10 billion
 U.S.A.                       5 billion
 Others                       5 billion

Collapse of won didn’t stop despite the above assistance received.
 After that, Japanese government expeditiously got an appointment with 
 BOJ to lengthen the repayment period, and won attunement from European 
 Banking, and it was first time that collapse of won stopped.
 In short, just giving assurance with IMF couldn’t recover Korean 
 confidence, and it was necessary to declare that Japan sustain Korea.

Japan had financial arrangements with Korea whenever Korea suffered 
 financial collapse, but Korea insisted that they have never gotten 
 financial backing from Japan.

As of now, Korea has predictive information of third financial 
 The Democratic Party says we Japan need higher tax for earthquake 
 disaster reconstruction.
 In Oct.19, Prime Minister Noda agreed with Korea for raising the 
 maximum limits of currency swaps. The amount is 70 billion dollars. 
 It’s 5 times as much as current amount.
 In a simple term, Noda gave Korea much money, without devoting 
 resources to reconstruction fund. And higher tax for the money.
 Hereby, Korea can keep currency policy of cheap won, and Korean company
 can grab market share in overseas from Japanese company.
 Noda is a real traitor.

 There are other examples as well. Japan provided support, for instance 
 metro construction and construction of stadium for the World Cup, 
 but Korean government didn’t apprize it.
 Korea, the size of Korean economy was fewer than one tenth at that 
 time, couldn’t construct stadium, so they called on Japan to construct 
 However, Korea requested foolish form 
 ”Japan support third organization ⇒ the organization support Korea”,
 on the grounds that support from Japan is hard on their ego.

4 Korea government importunately demands an apology and reparations for
comfort woman.

 英文に翻訳したもの ⇒ wikiのアドレスに書き起こし全文を書き、張り付けする

This problem of comfort women is closed book in the Japan-Republic of 
 Korea Basic Relations Treaty in 1965. Korean government keeps this 
 truth a secret from Korean citizen for 30 years.

In the treaty, Japan paid 100 million dollars. It was 2.3 times as much
 as Korean national budget in those days.
 Incidentally, the claimable amount includes one to North Korea.
 Korean government said “We are going to pay to North Korean if the day 
 comes when we achieve the unification of the two Koreas, so give us 
 North’s too”.

Besides, Japan abandoned properties which Japan kept in Korea before 
 the war.
 The amount is 5300 million, with the exception of defense- property.

5 Korea is trying to abolish Japan-Republic of Korea Basic Relations
 In the treaty, it is written clearly that Japan has finished paying all
 the compensation that occurred in war. Failure is imminent in Korea. 
 They only want to get money.

6 Korea did an enormous number of diabolic savage killing and sexual
assault, which even blue force U.S. Army hate to accept to, in Vietnam 
 War. Please conduct search Lai Daihan. The problem of the killing and 
 rape by Korean military was reported in Newsweek in America. 
 According to Newsweek, the captain general in Korean military, 蔡命新, 
 said “There is no necessity for us to compensate for. It was war”. 
 But, Korea demands satisfaction for any nominal responsibility for the 
 war, with fabricating history and accusing Japan of falsely.

7 I would like you to know that North Korea, South Korea and China have
the most serious discrimination in this world.
 Many people from these countries live in Japan, and their countries' 
 education is still anti-Japanese. To make matters worse, they educate 
 fabricated history. These countries brainwash their nations, with the 
 education that Japan is a hypothetical enemy. They also act on 
 political propaganda, to divert public attention from their 
 They educate their nations that Japan is the Devil, in order to hold on
 their power.

8 Korean actions in Japan Expo in French.

9 The Toyota vehicle recall in America. It became known that it was system
atic complaint by Korean living in the U.S. We received news saying 
 that Hyundai, a Korean automaker, asked them.

10 Korean and Chinese dirty Japanese in Study Abroad and immigration.
 They plant mental abuse that does not exist, about Japanese.

11 They gain entry Japanese quarter overseas, and keep Japanese away from
 there, and conduct operations. Now becoming a ghost town by it is a 
  big crisis.

12 Some Korean is setting up a business with camouflaging themselves as
 Japanese. If it were to be catering establishment (e.g. Sushi), and if
  bad food were to be offered, it will be at risk of being eroded the 
  confidence in Japan.

13 They said “Our nationality is Korea, however we live in Japan.
 So, Japan should give us pension”.

 They should change their nationality if they want to draw a pension.
  Other than the problem previously mentioned, many Koran demand 
  preferential treatment with saying “it's a racial discrimination”.
  Even now is there country by creating reasons to bum money from 
  Germany and Italy in EU??

 Please imagine that Japan fulsomely play a dirty trick on your country.
  If, say, Japanese were to engage in political activities to demand 
  “Free of Japanese schools fees” and “preferential treatment” 
   with saying “it's a racial discrimination” in your country, 
  what do you think??
  You must say “Stop messing around” or “Go back your own country”.

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