Reasons of the change of government 2 years ago

【The birth of the Democratic Party government】2 years ago
As of now, the president of a ruling party in Japan is the Democratic Party.
2 years ago, the president of a ruling party was the Liberal Democratic Party.
The Liberal Democratic Party had been the president of a ruling party
almost all 60 years postwar.
Why did the change of the government ruling party happen??

1 Impression operation
2 Misleading
3 Inclination broadcasting.
    by the mass media
   Mass media has powerful influence on the public opinion

② Fraud manifesto made by the democratic party to befool citizens.

≪The fraud broadcasting about the debt situation≫
The borrowed money of the Japanese Government was approximately 980 trillion yen
two years ago.

It was an enormous amount of money.
Television, newspapers, magazines, the almost all mass media made a noisy.
      “A debt of 8 million yen per person”

【Background knowledge of the Japanese debt situation】
Mr. Takaaki MitsuHashi, a famous economic analyst in Japan, says as following.
The component of the Japanese government bond
Japanese 94%
Foreigners 6%
On a yen basis 100%
If Japan were to be the worst,
bank of Japan and the government with the right to issue currency will print "the yen",
and only return it.
⇒ The failure is impossible.
And Japan is world-beating creditor country.

【Report in the media】
Mass media ignored the logic that failure is not possible.
As a result, "a failure theory" spread.
(except people who knew the Japanese debt situation)
The media reported “the cause of the failure of Japan was the Liberal Democratic Party".

【Biased coverage about the politics】
The prime minister at the time of the change of government was Mr. Taro Aso.
I introduce achievements of the Aso Cabinet briefly.

2008.10.03 Adopting answer in writing “Takeshima is occupied by Japan” at a Cabinet meeting
2008.10.06 Retorting phony article of the NY times
          (NY times said Aso harmed Japan-Korea relations and 
            Japan-China relations when he was a Foreign Minister)
2008.10.07 Based on the successful experience of bad-debt disposal in Japan,
           he directed U.S. government to promote a capital injection 
2008.10.10  Adopting to extend economic sanctions against North Korea
           for half a year at a Cabinet meeting
2008.10.12 He supported action plan of G7.
           Expressing all-out support for application of the foreign reserve.
2008.10.15 He hold the meeting of the Abduction Issue Response Headquarters
           for the first time in 2 years
2008.10.17 Nakagawa financial minister directed economic sanctions against North Korea
2008.10.19 Getting in the member of the security Council
2008.10.25 IMF urgently financed Iceland. A political adviser of the Icelandic Foreign Minister
           expressed the will of thanks to Japan
2008.10.27 Signing up the joint statement of Japan- India security assurance.
          Strategic Cooperation with India:
           security treaty, economy, environment, energy, and so on. A wide field.
2008.10.31 Deciding to apply to the United Nations for continental shelf expansion.
      If the expansion of the continental shelf is accepted, Japan can broaden the limits
          to insist on the right to mine ocean bottom resources including the 
           rare metal.
2008.11.01 The Fisheries Agency decided a policy of the consolidation to prevent the illegal
          operation of the Korean fishing boat
2008.11.14 IMF managing director recognized Mr. Aso.
          About funding for IMF, the leadership, and the principle of cooperation 
           between many countries” 
2008.11.14 Prime Minister Aso contributed papers to U.S. paper.
          "Experience of Japan is effective for breakthrough 
           on financial crisis".
2008.11.14 Completing applying to the United Nations for expansion of continental shelf
2008.11.15 Japan and the World Bank decided to establish the Bank Support Fund of the
          Developing country
2008.11.24 Mr. Aso impressed the world with Japan favorably, through summit talks with
          a Head of State in China Hu Jintao,
2008.11.27 Providing emergency aid for the Republic of Panama which suffer from
          the concentrated downpour damage.
2008.12.03 The decision by a lot of overwhelming agreement for "New determination for
          the complete extinction of the nuclear weapon" that Japan submitted, 
           in the United Nations 
2008.12.09 Mr. Aso laid claim to “Takeshima is in a Japanese territory” to 10 countries.
2008.12.09 An urgent grant aid the Republic of Yemen which suffer from
          the flood damage caused by the heavy rain with approximately 
           800,000 dollars (approximately 90 million yen)
2008.12.13 Holding meeting hosted by the government for the first time for the solution of
          the abduction issue of those Japanese abducted by North Korea
2008.12.16 He held an education reproduction round-table conference.
          Expanding and improving of “morality” and “cultivation of 
            aesthetic sentiments”.“Doubling the pages of the textbook”.            
2008.12.17 He decided to allot around 140 billion yen from "the money of pension special
          accounts deposit" for social security budget restraint
2008.12.17 Amending the legislation of the operative guidance of the Japanese Agricultural
          Standard for the purpose of discovering all food camouflage suppliers.
2008.12.17 Requesting local public bodies to create the employment
          by using the increment of tax allocated to local governments
2008.12.17 Deciding to let public‐service corporations to return 107,600 million yen to the
          National Treasury
2008.12.17 Distributing policy bills written “Activating shopping districts”.
2008.12.18 Providing emergency aid for Papua New Guinea which suffer from flood tide.
2008.12.18 Deciding to accept approximately 30 Myanmar refugees experimentally after 2010
2008.12.18  Giving out communal document of the promotion of the security cooperation” and
          “promotion of the Defense cooperation and information sharing” 
             with Australia.
2008.12.18 Providing support for Papua New Guinea critical material equivalent of 13 million yen.
2008.12.19 Resuming Education Reproduction round-table Conference.
          Purpose :Improving scholastic ability from the viewpoint of "quality" 
                     than "an idea" in a public school, 
                     and bringing about new domestic demand.
2008.12.19 Revised law of the retirement allowances of national civil servant separation was
          passed. A forced return of the retirement bonus was enabled with 
           a disgraceful affair during his service.
2008.12.19  An interim report about the conglutination between Democratic Party and the
           multilevel marketing industry.
2008.12.23 Providing grant assistance to Palestinian. The exchange of the letter about "life road
          maintenance plan in the Jericho city"
2008.12.24 He utilized an old public corporation unoccupied house to relieve an unemployed
2008.12.26 Providing emergency funding to Zimbabwe which suffered from the spread of
          cholera. 1,500,000 dollars (approximately 169,500,000 yen)
2009.01.02 Opening the lecture hall for lodging for assisting a temporary employee.
2009.01.03 Requesting Palestine to cease fire with offering 10 million dollars.
2009.01.24 Terminating a problem of Japan-China abandonment of chemical munitions
          processing.He settled the issue of abandonment chemical munitions that 
           a tax of up to 60 trillion yen might have been passed to China.
2009.01.25 He tackled in earnest conservation and practical use of uninhabited islands.
          The islands are important for an exclusive economic zone (EEZ) 
           of Japan.
2009.01.29 A Japan-Korea summit meeting.
          Korea swore an oath the abandonment of 
          “Demands apology for enslaved prostitute”. 
2009.02.06 Accelerating motion of anti-dumping tariff.
          Japan got possible to perform the protection of 
           the domestic industry quickly against import goods 
           sold at a low price unfairly.

【The broadcasting with the mass media】
The mass media did not report most of his achievements.
However, they reported only something not worth bothering about.
“Aso does not know the price of precooked Chinese noodles.”
“Aso misread a kanji”
“Aso went on an extravagant spree!!”

※ People in the disaster area from the earthquake are still greatly suffering now; nevertheless, Noda and Kan, the current premier and former prime minister, went to a high-class Japanese-style restaurant- but Media doesn’t report it.

On the other hand, they praised "the Democratic Party", and the news analyst repeated the following remarks.
・How about entrusting the Democratic Party tentatively???
Because the Liberal Democratic Party is no use.
・How about voting for the Democratic Party to punish “the Liberal Democratic Party”???
・We let the Democratic Party do it once, and return government to the Liberal Democratic Party
 again if the Democratic Party were to be incompetent.
・The Liberal Democratic Party took too many the governments for a long time.
・Anyway, we should change the government once.

【Why did not the media report his achievement?】
・The Aso Administration pushed forward the introduction of "the advertisement tax" to media.
・Aso made pachinko regulation severer and was going to introduce "a pachinko tax".
・Mass media wanted to let the Democratic Party take the government.

The main income of the TV station is advertisement charges.
Regulation & Taxation to the pachinko industry
 ⇒  They reduce the amount of budget to a commercial.
    ⇒  The incomes of the TV stations will decrease.

【The summary of the cause of the change of government】
・Mass media performed bashing against Mr. Aso in a trifle without reporting an achievement of the Aso 
・Mass media did not report the dangerous policy that the Democratic Party advocates.
・Impression management by the media. “Japan will fail” due to the Liberal Democratic Party.
・The Democratic party brought a distant manifesto. The content was only in good repute.
(No need to hike taxes. We hold a snap election when we hike taxes. Etc.)
(I don’t comment on the details here.)

Why do TV stations support the Dem?
First, let’s see the actual state of the media.

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