Swiss civil defense white paper

Swiss civil defense white paper
The nation defense book which the Swiss government distributed to the Swiss.
You can know methods to protect your body from the aggression by the foreign country.
The following are methods to invade the foreign country without using military power.

1st stage
Sending spies into the foreign countries.
Ruling the upper echelons of the government.
Brainwashing the nation.

2nd stage
Ruling the media.
Instigating the nation.
Leading the nation without letting them be conscious.

3rd stage
Ruling educational institutions.
Destroying national consciousness.

4th stage
Destroying resistance awareness.
Spreading propaganda for “peace” and “love for humanity”.

5th stage
Killing the power for people to think for themselves as individuals by using education and the media.

Last stage
Invading by emigration in large quantities, when the nation has become nonresistant and doltish.


Now, the situation of Japan is in between the fifth stage and final stages.

I analyze that 1st ~ 5th stage have been getting worse approximately at the same time.
Therefore, I describe 1st stage ~ 5th stage in a mass.
Incidentally, discharging Korean contents falls under “2nd stage”.

【Anti Korean wave in Japan?】


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It is necessary to date back to two years ago to know the acuteness of the situation.
Let’s see the past event.

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