The Media is taken over by another country

【The reason why a TV station supports the Democratic Party】

【Factor 1】
The policies of the democracy party are convenient for a Korean.
I'll mention details later.

【Factor 2】The pressure from their sponsor.
・The TV sponsors : The pachinko industry & The consumer credit industry
                                  = A Korean company   
・Influence by Dentsu which is the major advertising agency
 ※Dentsu:The advertising agency which holds approximately all TV CM and a newspaper ad
 ※A chairperson of Dentsu:Yutaka Narita grew up in Seoul for 10 years.

・The a representative director of the TV station has connection to Korea.
  ※Mr. Hisashi Hieda (Fuji TV):
      He received an honorary Doctor of Business Science degree 
     from Koryo University in South Korea because of his achievement 
     in contributing to the development of content industry in Japan 
     and South Korea.

【Factor 3】The present conditions of the Japanese mass media

Japanese media companies subject to foreign ownership restrictions
Foreign Ownership Comparison
Security name / Code / Direct ownership by foreigners / cf. (Legal limit)

Fuji HD               / 4676 / 28.50% / 20.0%
WOWOW                 / 4839 / 4.06%  / 20.0%
TBSHD                 / 9401 / 7.20%  / 20.0%
Chunichi Broadcasting / 9402 /8.97%   / 20.0%
Nippon Television     / 9404 / 22.66% / 20.0%
Asahi Broadcasting    / 9405 / 7.97%  / 20.0%
RKB                   / 9407 / 8.57%  / 20.0%
Niigata Broadcasting  / 9408 / 3.01%  / 20.0%
TV Asahi              / 9409 / 14.6%  / 20.0%
TV Tokyo              / 9413 / 1.19%  / 20.0%

Published as of July 27, 2011, 19:00 (based on the final count on the last working day)

As you can see in the table, 28.50% of Fuji TV shares are held by foreigners.
In addition, it is a subsidiary of Fuji TV that owns most of K-POP
copyrights. That is, they are extensively advertising K-POP entertainers
using their TV programs to make money for themselves.

In addition,

The employment system to have to employ some Korean living in Japan newly every year.

A business firm of Mainichi Newspaper:
There are relatively much “Soka Gakkai”-related article and
advertisements, because “Mainichi” came to undertake print of the
teachings of Buddha newspaper as source of income after a management

※”Soka Gakkai”
= A religious organization. Many Koreans living in Japan belong to this.
Further, French government broadcasting station call them this 
 religious cult represent the 21st century”.

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