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''The problem about Fuji TV 
What is happening in Japan now??''

The actual state of Japan falls under “the act of invading without military power” written in Swiss civil defense white paper.

・The government is ruled.
・The mass media is ruled.
・Education of anti-Japan
・The propaganda of anti-Japan

Some Japanese people have noticed the present seriousness, and they are going into action “Anti-Fuji TV activity”.

There are 2 reasons why we attack Fuji.
・Fuji is the worst.
・For not to disperse fighting power.

Table of Contents
1 Swiss civil defense white paper
2 Reasons of the change of government 2 years ago
3 The Media is taken over by another country
4 The Government is taken over by the other country
5 Anti-Japan education & Anti-Japan propaganda
6 Conclusion
7 By-talk1
8 By-talk2
9 Mastermind in the background of the problem
10 The Shcok Doctrine

Now then, let’s watch the current Japanese situation

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