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The problem about Fuji TV  What is happening in Japan now??

The actual state of Japan falls under “the act of invading without military power” written in Swiss civil defense white paper.

・The government is ruled.
・The mass media is ruled.
・Education of anti-Japan

Some Japanese people have noticed the present seriousness, and they are going into action “Anti-Fuji TV activity”.

There are 2 reasons why we attack Fuji.
 Fuji is the worst.
Not to disperse fighting power.

Table of Contents
1 Swiss civil defense white paper
2 Reasons of the change of government 2 years ago
3 The Media is taken over by another country
4 The Government is taken over by the other country
5 Anti-Japan education & Anti-Japan propaganda
6 Conclusion
7 By-talk1
8 By-talk2
9 By-talk3
10 By-talk4

Now then, let’s watch the current Japanese situation

Swiss civil defense white paper
The nation defense book which the Swiss government distributed to the Swiss.
You can know methods to protect your body from the aggression by the foreign country.
The following are methods to invade the foreign country without using military power.

1st stage
Sending spies into the foreign countries.
Ruling the upper echelons of the government.
Brainwashing the nation.

2nd stage
Ruling the media.
Instigating the nation.
Leading the nation without letting them be conscious.

3rd stage
Ruling educational institutions.
Destroying national consciousness.

4th stage
Destroying resistance awareness.
Spreading propaganda for “peace” and “love for humanity”.

5th stage
Killing the power for people to think for themselves as individuals by using education and the media.

Last stage
Invading by emigration in large quantities, when the nation has become nonresistant and doltish.


Now, the situation of Japan is in between the fifth stage and final stages.

I analyze that 1st ~ 5th stage have been getting worse approximately at the same time.
Therefore, I describe 1st stage ~ 5th stage in a mass.
Incidentally, discharging Korean contents falls under “2nd stage”.

【Anti Korean wave in Japan?】

Also, we would like you to watch
【Endangered Japan: A Small Survey on the Conflict between Japan and Korea】.

【Fake Samurai & Kendo in the Japan Expo 2011: On a Cultural Plunder】

It is necessary to date back to two years ago to know the acuteness of the situation.
Let’s see the past event.

【The birth of the Democratic Party government】2 years ago
As of now, the president of a ruling party in Japan is the Democratic Party.
2 years ago, the president of a ruling party was the Liberal Democratic Party.
The Liberal Democratic Party had been the president of a ruling party almost all 60 years postwar.
Why did the change of the government ruling party happen??

1 Impression operation
2 Misleading
3 Inclination broadcasting.
    by the mass media
   Mass media has powerful influence on the public opinion

② Fraud manifesto made by the democratic party to befool citizens.

≪The fraud broadcasting about the debt situation≫
The borrowed money of the Japanese Government was approximately 980 trillion yen two years ago.

It was an enormous amount of money.
Television, newspapers, magazines, the almost all mass media made a noisy.
      “A debt of 8 million yen per person”

【Background knowledge of the Japanese debt situation】
Mr. Takaaki MitsuHashi, a famous economic analyst in Japan, says as following.
The component of the Japanese government bond
Japanese 94%
Foreigners 6%
On a yen basis 100%
If Japan were to be the worst, bank of Japan and the government with the right to issue currency will print "the yen", and only return it.
⇒ The failure is impossible.
And Japan is world-beating creditor country.

【Report in the media】
Mass media ignored the logic that failure is not possible.
As a result, "a failure theory" spread.
(except people who knew the Japanese debt situation)
The media reported “the cause of the failure of Japan was the Liberal Democratic Party".

【Biased coverage about the politics】
The prime minister at the time of the change of government was Mr. Taro Aso.
I introduce achievements of the Aso Cabinet briefly.

2008.10.03 Adopting answer in writing “Takeshima is occupied by Japan” at a Cabinet meeting
2008.10.06 Retorting phony article of the NY times
          (NY times said Aso harmed Japan-Korea relations and Japan-China relations 
             when he was a Foreign Minister)
2008.10.07 Based on the successful experience of bad-debt disposal in Japan,
           he directed U.S. government to promote a capital injection 
2008.10.10  Adopting to extend economic sanctions against North Korea for half a year at a Cabinet
2008.10.12 He supported action plan of G7.
Expressing all-out support for application of the foreign reserve = IMFC
2008.10.15 He hold the meeting of the Abduction Issue Response Headquarters
           for the first time in 2 years
2008.10.17 Nakagawa financial minister directed economic sanctions against North Korea
2008.10.19 Getting in the member of the security Council
2008.10.25 IMF urgently financed Iceland. A political adviser of the Icelandic Foreign Minister
           expressed the will of thanks to Japan
2008.10.27 Signing up the joint statement of Japan- India security assurance.
           Strategic Cooperation with India:security treaty, economy, environment, energy, 
                                             and so on.  A wide field.
2008.10.31 Deciding to apply to the United Nations for continental shelf expansion.
      If the expansion of the continental shelf is accepted, Japan can broaden the limits to
          insist on the right to mine ocean bottom resources including the rare metal.
2008.11.01 The Fisheries Agency decided a policy of the consolidation to prevent the illegal
          operation of the Korean fishing boat
2008.11.14 IMF managing director recognized Mr. Aso.
About funding for IMF, the leadership, and the principle of cooperation between many
2008.11.14 Prime Minister Aso contributed papers to U.S. paper.
"Experience of Japan is effective for breakthrough on financial crisis".
2008.11.14 Completing applying to the United Nations for expansion of continental shelf
2008.11.15 Japan and the World Bank decided to establish the Bank Support Fund of the Developing
2008.11.24 Mr. Aso impressed the world with Japan favorably,
through summit talks with a Head of State in China Hu Jintao,
2008.11.27 Providing emergency aid for the Republic of Panama which suffer from the concentrated
          downpour damage.
2008.12.03 The decision by a lot of overwhelming agreement for "New determination for the complete
          extinction of the nuclear weapon" that Japan submitted, in the United Nations 
2008.12.09 Mr. Aso laid claim to “Takeshima is in a Japanese territory” to 10 countries.
2008.12.09 An urgent grant aid the Republic of Yemen which suffer from the flood damage caused
          by the heavy rain with approximately 800,000 dollars (approximately 90 million yen)
2008.12.13 Holding meeting hosted by the government for the first time for the solution of
the abduction issue of those Japanese abducted by North Korea
2008.12.16 He held an education reproduction round-table conference.
          Expanding and improving of “morality” and “cultivation of aesthetic sentiments”.
           “Doubling the pages of the textbook”.            
2008.12.17 He decided to allot around 140 billion yen from "the money of pension special accounts
          deposit" for social security budget restraint
2008.12.17 Amending the legislation of the operative guidance of the Japanese Agricultural
          Standard for the purpose of discovering all food camouflage suppliers.
2008.12.17 Requesting local public bodies to create the employment
by using the increment of tax allocated to local governments
2008.12.17 Deciding to let public‐service corporations to return 107,600 million yen
to the National Treasury
2008.12.17 Distributing policy bills written “Activating shopping districts”.
2008.12.18 Providing emergency aid for Papua New Guinea which suffer from flood tide.
2008.12.18 Deciding to accept approximately 30 Myanmar refugees experimentally after 2010
2008.12.18  Giving out communal document of the promotion of the security cooperation” and
“promotion of the Defense cooperation and information sharing” with Australia.
2008.12.18 Providing support for Papua New Guinea critical material equivalent of 13 million yen.
2008.12.19 Resuming Education Reproduction round-table Conference.
          Purpose :Improving scholastic ability from the viewpoint of "quality" than "an idea" in a 
            public school, and bringing about new domestic demand.
2008.12.19 Revised law of the retirement allowances of national civil servant separation was
           A forced return of the retirement bonus was enabled with a disgraceful 
           affair during his service.
2008.12.19  An interim report about the conglutination between Democratic Party and the
           multilevel marketing industry.
2008.12.23 Providing grant assistance to Palestinian. The exchange of the letter about "life road
          maintenance plan in the Jericho city"
2008.12.24 He utilized an old public corporation unoccupied house to relieve an unemployed person.
2008.12.26 Providing emergency funding to Zimbabwe which suffered from the spread of cholera.
           1,500,000 dollars (approximately 169,500,000 yen)
2009.01.02 Opening the lecture hall for lodging for assisting a temporary employee.
2009.01.03 Requesting Palestine to cease fire with offering 10 million dollars.
2009.01.24 Terminating a problem of Japan-China abandonment of chemical munitions processing.
          He settled the issue of abandonment chemical munitions that a tax of up to 60 trillion yen 
           might have been passed to China.
2009.01.25 He tackled in earnest conservation and practical use of uninhabited islands.
          The islands are important for an exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of Japan.
2009.01.29 A Japan-Korea summit meeting.
Korea swore an oath the abandonment of “Demands apology for enslaved prostitute”.
2009.02.06 Accelerating motion of anti-dumping tariff.
          Japan got possible to perform the protection of the domestic industry quickly 
           against import goods sold at a low price unfairly.

【The broadcasting with the mass media】
The mass media did not report most of his achievements.
However, they reported only something not worth bothering about.
“Aso does not know the price of precooked Chinese noodles.”
“Aso misread a kanji”
“Aso went on an extravagant spree!!”

※ People in the disaster area from the earthquake are still greatly suffering now; nevertheless, Noda and Kan, the current premier and former prime minister, went to a high-class Japanese-style restaurant- but Media doesn’t report it.

※Also, after the earthquake, Azumi, current finance minister, said “there are no place to build gasoline if we convey it, because filling station is broken down. I propose we save up gasoline in the pool in schools.

On the other hand, they praised "the Democratic Party", and the news analyst repeated the following remarks.
・How about entrusting the Democratic Party tentatively???
Because the Liberal Democratic Party is no use.
・How about voting for the Democratic Party to punish “the Liberal Democratic Party”???
.・We let the Democratic Party do it once, and return government to the Liberal Democratic Party
 again if the Democratic Party were to be incompetent.
・The Liberal Democratic Party took too many the governments for a long time.
・Anyway, we should change the government once.

【Why did not the media report his achievement?】
・The Aso Administration pushed forward the introduction of "the advertisement tax" to media.
・Aso made pachinko regulation severer and was going to introduce "a pachinko tax".
・Mass media wanted to let the Democratic Party take the government.

The main income of the TV station is advertisement charges.
Regulation & Taxation to the pachinko industry
 ⇒  They reduce the amount of budget to a commercial.
    ⇒  The incomes of the TV stations will decrease.

【The summary of the cause of the change of government】
・Mass media performed bashing against Mr. Aso in a trifle without reporting an achievement of the Aso 
・Mass media did not report the dangerous policy that the Democratic Party advocates.
・Impression management by the media. “Japan will fail” due to the Liberal Democratic Party.
・The Democratic party brought a distant manifesto. The content was only in good repute.
(No need to hike taxes. We hold a snap election when we hike taxes. Etc.)
(I don’t comment on the details here.)

Why do TV stations support the Dem?
First, let’s see the actual state of the media.

【The reason why a TV station supports the Democratic Party】
【Factor 1】
The policies of the democracy party are convenient for a Korean.
I'll mention details later.

【Factor 2】The pressure from their sponsor.
・The TV sponsors : The pachinko industry & The consumer credit industry
                                  = A Korean company   
・Influence by Dentsu which is the major advertising agency
  ※Dentsu:The advertising agency which holds approximately all TV CM and a newspaper ad
 ※A chairperson of Dentsu:Yutaka Narita grew up in Seoul for 10 years.
.・The a representative director of the TV station has connection to Korea.
  ※Mr. Hisashi Hieda (Fuji TV):He received an honorary Doctor of Business Science degree from 
                                 Koryo University in South Korea because of his achievement in 
                                 contributing to the development of content industry in Japan and 
                                 South Korea.

【Factor 3】The present conditions of the Japanese mass media

Japanese media companies subject to foreign ownership restrictions
Foreign Ownership Comparison
Security name / Code / Direct ownership by foreigners / cf. (Legal limit)
Fuji HD / 4676/ 28.50% / 20.0%
WOWOW / 4839 / 4.06% / 20.0%
TBSHD / 9401 / 7.20% / 20.0%
Chunichi Broadcasting / 9402 /8.97% / 20.0%
Nippon Television / 9404 / 22.66% / 20.0%
Asahi Broadcasting / 9405 / 7.97% / 20.0%
RKB / 9407 / 8.57% / 20.0%
Niigata Broadcasting / 9408 / 3.01% / 20.0%
TV Asahi / 9409 / 14.6%/ 20.0%
TV Tokyo / 9413 / 1.19% / 20.0%
Published as of July 27, 2011, 19:00 (based on the final count on the last working day)

As you can see in the table, 28.50% of Fuji TV shares are held by foreigners. In addition, it is a subsidiary of Fuji TV that owns most of K-POP copyrights. That is, they are extensively advertising K-POP entertainers using their TV programs to make money for themselves.

In addition,
TBS:The employment system to have to employ some Korean living in Japan newly every year.
A business firm of Mainichi Newspaper:
There are relatively much “Soka Gakkai”-related article and advertisements, because “Mainichi” came to undertake print of the teachings of Buddha newspaper as source of income after a management crisis.
※”Soka Gakkai”= A religious organization. Many Koreans living in Japan belong to this. Further, French government broadcasting station call them this religious cult represent the 21st century”.

On the whole, they report information directed towards pro-China.
For instance, NHK reported “No one was killed in Tiananmen Square incident”.
Biased coverage by NHK has been pointed out before.
NHK isn't a news organization any more.
Nevertheless, NHK rodomontades “we are in a neutral and fair manner”, and they exact public viewing fees like gangsters. They are flippant TV station.

Nihon TV:
The treacherous media against Japan. Because invested by CIA at the time of the establishment.
⇒Leading consensus to America's national interest, not Japan’s national interest.

After World War II, GHQ carried out 3R・5D・3S policies, with the aim of hamstring Japan.
3R Revenge   5D Disarmament 3S Screen
Reform     Demilitalization     Sports
Revive    Disindustrialization   Sex or Speed

<complementary information>The purpose of 3S policy
For diverting public attention from anxieties of social life&interest in politics, and raising public awareness of entertainment, and having the public like a puppet on a string.
Also, GHQ deployed Koreans, with a grudge against Japan, on the media industry and pachinko industry.
※Pachinko :one of Japanese amusement. Profits flow out to the Korean Peninsula.

What the media world is the group which doesn’t think Japanese national interest.
What does this mean??
We can imagine the answer with ease.

After war, occupation forces of U.S. distributed Korean living in Japan to the media, to avoid second Japanese resisting against U.S.
This Korean rights and interests became very very enormous.

【The news posture of the TV station】
・They broadcasts it so that images of Koreans improves
・When economy in Korea got hard, they stirred up the crowd to go on a trip to Korea.Currently, we can know some predictive information of the financial collapse in Korea. However, the TV media in Japan doesn’t report it at all.
・When a Korean living in Japan commits a crime, they report it by a Japanese name
  ※The Koreans living in Japan have a name for Korea, and a name for Japan
    Hence, many people don’t know the fact that heinous criminals -- especially rapists -- are actually Koreans living in Japan 

・Fabrication of popularity with using part-timers.
※One day, a Korean idol came to the airport. 

The media reported on the internet “800 people gathered”, however it was falsity. In actuality, there were approximately 100 people.

  A person, who went to there, said “We were hired for a 2000-yen-an-hour” on “twitter”
   This became the news peg on the net, but the article was deleted. 
  I guess it would be very inconvenient for them.

Furthermore, mass media reports economic analysis against the national interest.

For instance, the media swings public opinion that the United States-Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA) is much better for Korea, and the media only reports “Japan will get a late start than Korea if Japan doesn’t participate in TPP”.
The actual truth is that Korea entered into FTA with other countries, but only businesses of Samsung and Hyundai have been growing. For Korea as a whole, FTA leads to huge losses.
Now, Korea faces a financial catastrophe and plunging currency. However, such news is not reported in Japan. (The media in other countries report it.)

Reference, the United States-Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA)
1 Opening up of service market, exclusive of the exception stated in.
2 Continuing to buy beef, even at the risk of mad cow disease
3 You entered in FTA with other countries. Provide the advantageous terms to America.
4 Only U.S. has the right to bring back customs if U.S. result in decreased sales of automobile.
5 We sit in judgment in America, if American company suffers damage from Korean policy.
6 The U.S. government can bring Korean government before the court if American companies don’t gain an advantage smoothly.
7 Adding measures to open markets if Korea cannot establish regulations
8 Applying U.S. laws to American companies
9 Korea delegates management for intellectual property to America.
10 Transferring public businesses into private hands

SUMSUNG’s business performance was doing better by The EU-South Korea Free Trade Agreement (FTA). On another front, for Korea as a whole, the FTA led to a substantial trade deficit. Household economy is full of deficit and debt.
But, NHK reports Korean economy is quite well.
And HNK reports it is mere abolition of tariffs when it comes to the TPP.
(TPP=Trans-Pacific Partnership. For Japan, it is highly-disfavored economic partnership agreement.
The treaty demands that Japan abolish and restructure the legal system, health system, regulation and customary practice. These are institutional bases for untroubled living conditions in Japan. TPP gives American company a permission to enter all market in Japan. No exceptions.
The content of TPP is that Japan makes U.S a present of Japan’s economic sovereignty.)
Nevertheless, almost all media including NHK suggest participating in TPP.
We will have to relinquish Japan’s indigenous spirits, cultures and social functions.

Incidentally, credit market will be liberalized perfectly. Government is no exception.
Financial condition of Japanese government, I mentioned above, will collapse, and “the theory of not Failure” won't be accepted.
People in EU ought to know MAI became quite serious in 1997.
TPP is more extreme than MAI.

It may be summarized above-mentioned to posture of the TV station.

Next, let’s watch “the Democratic Party”, which is problems underlying causes of the furor.

【An achievement of the Democratic Party】
Diplomacy:About territorial problem, Russia, South Korea, and China look down on Japan, and invaded the territorial waters of Japan.
Economic policy & Fiscal policy:No achievement.

【The policy that the Democratic Party is going to perform】
①Right of foreigners to vote (unconstitutional bill)
 ※A thing to give the right to vote to the person who does not have Japanese nationality. Foreigners can intervene in Japanese national sovereignty directly.
※In particular, the Democratic Party promotes giving the right to vote to Chinese, South Korean and North Korean.

・Immigration intake policy. In particular from China, South Korea and North Korea.

②Financing enormously China and Korea directly.
 ※Chinese GDP is the second largest.

③The bill to pay the money to persons who announce themselves “We were Comfort women”
※Comfort women:Coined terms made in 1973. According to search records by American force in U.S. National Archives, they were alley cat clearly. 
But they are claiming it as sexual slavery by the Japanese military.

④Redress violations of human rights legislation(unconstitutional bill)
 ※The government makes a committee with administrative power, legislative power, judicial power and the police authority. Foreigners can belong to committee, too. If the committee were to judge a statement as "discrimination", the committee can supervise him forcibly.
  ⇒If people with anti-Japan thought were to belong to the committee, they can oppress Japanese.
※Besides, the internet, on which a lot of information fly past each other, is the tool of the racial discrimination to the committee.
  Perform censorship of the net, and depriving of the freedom of speech.
    ≒  Eliminating the internet = Eliminating a source of information which is the most reliable now in Japan
   ⇒Most people rely on TV or newspapers to judge governmental policy. 
       (∵ The government doesn’t apply this bill to the Media)
     An audience rating rises for necessity of TV, and incomes increase.
     Therefore the TV station does not report this bill.

⑤Free of Korean schools fees(unconstitutional bill)
  ※Applying Japanese tax to Korean school.
     There schools are continuously carrying out anti-Japan education.

⑥Basic Law for foreign residents(unconstitutional bill)
  ※Giving foreigners every right accepted by Japanese.
    Any kind of criminal can enter Japan freely.
・Giving Japanese nationality without exception if you were to live in Japan for 5 years, even if it's by illegal arrival.
・Giving the right to vote.
・The permanent residence foreigner can engage in public business(public servant・politician)
・Establishing committee which monitor Japanese discriminating against a foreigner.
・Compensating colonial rule to all foreigners.

⑦Dual citizenship bill
 The bill to abrogate choosing nationality.
They can acquire franchise, because they can acquire Japanese citizenship without keeping their citizenship in their possession.

The Democratic Party knows:Once a bill go through the bill has tentative validity, even if it’s illegal.
They are about to pass these bills completely ignoring earthquake disaster reconstruction.

Why does the Democratic Party advocate only anti-Japan-like policy?
The reason is that the political contributions from a Korean living in Japan
I write actual conditions & problems of the Democratic Part follows.

【The Democratic Party】
1 the Prime Minister
≪the first Prime Minister ≫ Yukio Hatoyama
He said “Japan is not a country only for Japanese”.
  ⇒ Transferring & sharing national sovereignty to the foreign country

≪the second Prime Minister≫ Naoto Kan
『the problem of political contribution』
"Soshikai" contributed indirectly 62,500,000 yen in total to the political body derived from "the citizen's party". This problem is like following:Barack Obama donated 781,250 dollars ( now, 1 dollar≒80 yen ) to Usāma bin Lādin's relatives. .
※"Soshikai": A fund management group. Kan Naoto and Yukio Hatoyama belong to this.
※" A citizen's party": The relative of the suspect who abducted some Japanese belongs to this.
※Abduction issue:By North Korea, several Japanese were abducted in 1970~1980. The Japanese Government announces that the number of abductees amounts to 17 now. In September, 2002, North Korea acknowledges the fact of Japanese abduction, and five victims went back to Japan in October of the year. But, concerning other victims, there is not yet the convincible explanation from North Korea.

『How to cope with the earthquake disaster』

At first, the government repudiated coolant from U.S. Army.

Taiwan was the first in the world to ask to commit rescue party. However, Kan repudiated it. Now, monetary donation from Taiwan is over 20 billion yen.
But the media doesn’t report it, and extols Korea.
※Reference (yen)
China :300 million
Korea :1600 million (Only profession. 80% was consumed in Korea in the disguise of territorial dispute)
U.S.A :9000 million
Taiwan:20400 million

The government didn’t provide information for people, although a large-sized unmanned surveillance aircraft“Global Hawk”of United States Air Force provided detailed information for Japanese government.
Moreover, the government didn’t release the predicted data of diffusion of Radioactivity by SPEEDI.
(System for Prediction of Environmental Emergency Dose Information)
It was expected that many people could avoid radiation exposure.
The Kan’s Administration is equal to participate in homicide.
Additionally, the government gives 70,000,000 yen, for the purpose of monitoring information of nuclear power stations.
The point is to monitor incriminating information against the government.

Incidentally, Earthquake Reconstruction bill, which was established when Kan was Prime Minister, is made practically by the Liberal Democratic Party.

<The third Prime Minister>Noda
He got a political donation from foreigners.
He got a political donation from an organized group of gangsters.

Noda announced his intention of hiking taxes and participating in the negotiations on TPP, in spite of having a few discussions.
Hiking taxes ⇒
The Democratic Party of Japan(DPJ)made an agreement with the public :”We will seek voter response through an election when we hike taxes.”
TPP = Colonial policy by U.S.A.
Over 10% of the public(12,000,000 people)signed against TPP.
Over 50% of the Diet member, Japan Agrarian Organization, Japan Medical Association, Japan Dental Association, and Japan Pharmaceutical Association are staunchly against TPP. (at 11/5)

◆◆The summaries of the Diet on 11/11 (the date of the APCE is 12th)◆◆
① Noda doesn’t know TPP override domestic law.
② Noda doesn’t know TPP mutually eliminate tariffs in 10 years.
③ Noda doesn’t know ISDS - Investor State Dispute Settlement.
④ Noda disclosed TPP is for U.S.A. Not for Japan.

Noda = A runaway traitor absolute ruler.
Noda is the most jenkyest Prime Minister on the process of constitutional politics without a doubt. Complete bypass of popular sovereignty. Demise of parliamentary democratic government. Noda would be assassinated if 60 years ago.

2 Cabinet minister
Budgetary of R&D cutback materially
 ※One of factors of the Japanese international competitiveness is technology.

<Yamaoka> Minister of State for Economic ・Minister of State for abduction
 ※He made remarks of supporting multilevel marketing.
    ・He received a political contribution “2,540,000 yen” from trade association of multilevel 
    ・pyramid scheme(illegal):Generally only in the case of the exchanges of the money
      multilevel marketing(lawful):products intervenes there.
    Yamaoka's duty = Determining whether the business is illegal or is legal
    ⇒He may regard illegal business as legal one.
  ※He didn’t answer the Diet questionnaire to ask an action to abduction issue.
     ⇒Now, Yamaoka is in position of settling abduction issue.
       The person who is indifferent to abduction issue is in the position of Minister of State for 
  ※An active leader of propulsion clique of the right to vote.(∵Himself was not a Japanese)
    He changed his name as follows.
    金賢二 → 金子賢二 → 藤野賢次 → 山岡賢次

He is under the suspicion of the double spy of American CIA and of the North Korean agent.
・WikiLeaks revealed that Maeara reported Japanese classified information to Kurt M. Campbell
・Maehara got illegal political contribution from a foreigner.
・Maehara meet Yodo-go hijackers twice.
・Maehara got illegal political contribution from the gang.

<Ichikawa> Minister of State for Defense
・He said “I’m an amateur”.
My personal opinion:Diplomacy, Finance and Defense need a member of an elite.
                      If not so, a state will fail in.

3 The common point of others of the Democratic Party
 Many naturalized Japanese from North Korea and South Korea.
  ※A person can run for the Diet with acquiring Japanese nationality.
   A person with anti-Japan thought is naturalized
     ⇒He can invade the Japanese government.

4 A power base of the Democratic Party:Korean Residents Union in Japan

・The Korean government bears 60%~70% of the operating funds.
・It acts in base more than 300 in Japan.
・Approximately 500,000 members.
・The person who was naturalized in Japan and renounced the Korean nationality can belong to this organization.
This organization contributes money to the Democratic Party.

↑The title of this movie is “Noda, who appreciate the electoral support from Korean Residents Union in Japan”.

You can see Korean national flag at the back.
The HP of Korean Residents Union in Japan :
Please access Major activities and Activities of Mindan.

◆Acquisition of local suffrage rights
・Request for prompt legislation at Japanese Diet
・Joint rallies with civil groups, and arousal of public opinion
・Request for the referendum of the permanent residents
・Promotion to spread adoption of the written statement at local self-governing councils
・Request for support from the Korean government and Korea-Japan Congress Member Assembly

You can see upper sentences.

【Background knowledge】Concerning right-wing organization in Japan.

・They pretend to be Japanese with using Japanese name, and emit a big noise in the city.
・They yelled at new congressman in the Diet, charged at building, and performed hara-kiri etc.
They do enigmatic behaviors.
・They played “Kimigayo”, which is Japanese national anthem, at full volume in the city.

As above, they have done crazy acts by the name of patriot. Hence, “patriot” has negative images – insular, radical etc --. Can you believe it?

Their purpose:Impressing conservative violent or troublesome, and guiding Japanese toward “not want to become conservative” and giving unfavorable impression to Kimigayo

【Agent provocateur on the internet】
The word of“Netouyo”exists.
This is a coined word. “Netouyo” = “internet” + “Uyoku”
   ※Right-wings is called Uyoku in Japanese.
This word is made to make worse the impression of right-wings.
They label the persons who say things which Korean does not like as “Netouyo”
They call Uyoku if you say “Takeshima is in Japanese territory”.
They call Uyokou if you say “I like Kimigayo and Japanese national flag”.
Everything is Uyoku.

Their purpose:For not to put patriotism into Japanese mind.

【Background knowledge】Japan Teachers' Union
・Having revolutionary ideas against capitalism
・Educating and guiding lest Japan(capitalism)threaten Russia and China.
・Weaken Japan, and change Japan into socialist state.
・They regard fighting against state power as right.
・They regard masochistic view of history as right.
・Supporting a specific political party indirectly in education.

I write this much easier.
・If we say “I like Japan”, they call us right-wings and say “It’s narrow-minded nationalism.”
・If we say “I respect parents and ancestors”, they call it myopic thinking and say “You are
right-wings and look away from history.”
・If we say “I judge by myself a national flag, a national anthem and Yasukuni”, they deny it,
and say “Japan is not the quality of deserving nation”.
・If we say “The problem of comfort women was settled in Japan-Republic of Korea Basic
Relations Treaty”, they tell a lie “You don’t reflect on history. They are suffering now”.
・If you say “International Military Tribunal for the Far East was incorrect”, they change the point at issue “Don’t deny history”, and educate “Not admitting crime is shameful”.

【Does the Democratic Party really intend to revive the disaster stricken area??】
The reason I think so is the Democratic Party still haven’t decided non-participation in TPP.
TPP = Trans-Pacific Partnership
The field in which tariffs to be eliminated, and liberalized by participation in TPP.
Council chief negotiators
Market Access(industry)
Market Access(Textiles and clothing)
Market Access(agriculture)
Rule of origin
Facilitating Trade
Remedies of trade
Funding by government
Intellectual property right
Competition policy
Service industry(Cross-border M&A)
Service industry(telecommunication)
Service industry(Temporary immigration)
Service industry(finance)
Service industry(e-commerce)
Institutional issues
Conflict resolution
Special Committee on matters across

Mass media focus on only tariff, but if anything we should focus on “Service industry and movement of people”. In concrete terms, some people point out “Harmful influence by American lawyers’, American medical insurance’ and American financial service’ participation in Japanese market” and “Wage decrease and forfeiture of employment by influx of cheap labor from developing countries”

I do not explain in detail, but if I say in a word, “Participating in TPP = Deathblow to Japan”.
Like supporting the word, WikiLeaks revealed that “America can ruins Japanese and Korean Economy”.
However, mass media change the point of different issues “Agriculture VS Manufacturing industry”, and suggest participating in TPP.

Tohoku region, which was hit by Tsunami, has thriving rural area, and has many small and medium-sized enterprises.
Many people lost their home by Tsunami.
They have financial damage caused by harmful rumours or misinformation to export.
Before Earthquake, agricultural self-sufficiency in Japan goes down to approximately 10% according to governmental trial calculation.
We should remove their future anxiety, considering their revival.
Participating in TPP under this circumstance is equal to killing the stricken area.

And then, renouncing agriculture in itself is an impossible choice as an independent state.

The problem did not get worse, if Fuji broadcasts only Korean contents.
The problem is inclination broadcasting about politics and economics, and accumulated indignation and distrustfulness against mass media are bursting forth.
And the actual state of Japan falls under “the act of invading without military power” written in Swiss civil defense white paper.
・The government is ruled.
・The mass media is ruled.
・Education of anti-Japan

We know the Democratic Party doesn’t govern the country for Japanese.
Even now, they are trying to establish many bills and to conclude TPP, which are against the national interest. They don’t decide domestic policy and earthquake disaster reconstruction seriously, but they decide in earnest to provide financial support for Korea and Korean living in Japan.
Mass media continue to protect such Democratic Party.
Mass media doesn’t broadcast the problem, I stated upper, of the Democratic Party.

Then, how do we oppose media??
Dentu, the root of all evils, is big company which rules all mass media.
⇒ It’s impossible to attack and crush this.
⇒ What then, we attack TV stations which are subcontracts.
⇒ There are several TV stations. There are two reasons why we attack Fuji.
 Fuji is the worst.
Not to disperse fighting power.
 And Attacking Fuji is no-effect(∵Fuji do only not broadcasting demonstration. In fact, 
 almost all media didn’t broadcast demo. ), so we protest against sponsors.(boycott etc.)
 Similarly concerning sponsors, we choose not to disperse fighting power.

『The reasons of protesting against sponsors』
・The grate part of income of TV station is advertising expenses by sponsors.
・Our buying of the sponsors’ commercial products is indirectly linked to Fuji's funding.
・We cut a source of funds, if companies were to quit sponsors.

Simultaneously, we rouse the persons who don’t know the present state of Japan.
For this, we need a quick way to add oil to the fire. Demo is effective means than buying in Fuji TV and sponsors. Flyer distribution is OK, too.
This is Japanese domestic issue. We Japanese crack this problem.

Thank you for your watching.


I don’t deny there is the feeling of “anti-Korea” in the bottom of the anti-Fuji TV.
Korea is openly provoking Japan such as follows.

1 Korea invaded Liancourt Rocks under the cloak of the absolute chaos by Earthquake and Tsunami.
Treaty of Peace with Japan & Rusk documents.
The island is in Japanese territory.
Could you watch following video?? HYPER LINK
produced by GloriousJapanForever

2 Korea acts up. “Change the name of the Sea of Japan”.
Korea only sticks in Korean craw the word Japan.

3 Korea starved to death financially in 1997.
Japan financially supported individually above and beyond the assistance from the IMF. After getting home, executive in Korean government stated “We appreciate the support from IMF. However the assistance from Japan was bothersome”.
Financial assistance, which IMF Korea came to terms on, was a total of 55 billion dollars.
Breakdown (dollars)
International Monetary Fund 21 billion
World Bank 10 billion
Asian Development Bank 4 billion
Japan 10 billion
U.S.A. 5 billion
Others 5 billion

Collapse of won didn’t stop despite the above assistance received.
After that, Japanese government expeditiously got an appointment with BOJ to lengthen the repayment period, and won attunement from European Banking, and it was first time that collapse of won stopped.
In short, just giving assurance with IMF couldn’t recover Korean confidence, and it was necessary to declare that Japan sustain Korea.

Japan had financial arrangements with Korea whenever Korea suffered financial collapse, but Korea insisted that they have never gotten financial backing from Japan.

As of now, Korea has predictive information of third financial catastrophe.
The Democratic Party says we Japan need higher tax for earthquake disaster reconstruction.
In Oct.19, Prime Minister Noda agreed with Korea for raising the maximum limits of currency swaps. The amount is 70 billion dollars. It’s 5 times as much as current amount.
In a simple term, Noda gave Korea much money, without devoting resources to reconstruction fund. And higher tax for the money.
Hereby, Korea can keep currency policy of cheap won, and Korean company can grab market share in overseas from Japanese company.
Noda is a real traitor.

There are other examples as well. Japan provided support, for instance metro construction and construction of stadium for the World Cup, but Korean government didn’t apprize it.
Korea, the size of Korean economy was fewer than one tenth at that time, couldn’t construct stadium, so they called on Japan to construct it.
However, Korea requested foolish form ”Japan support third organization ⇒ the organization support Korea”, on the grounds that support from Japan is hard on their ego.

4 Korea government importunately demands an apology and reparations for comfort woman.

英文に翻訳したもの ⇒ wikiのアドレスに書き起こし全文を書き、張り付けする

This problem of comfort women is closed book in the Japan-Republic of Korea Basic Relations Treaty in 1965. Korean government keeps this truth a secret from Korean citizen for 30 years.

In the treaty, Japan paid 100 million dollars. It was 2.3 times as much as Korean national budget in those days.
Incidentally, the claimable amount includes one to North Korea.
Korean government said “We are going to pay to North Korean if the day comes when we achieve the unification of the two Koreas, so give us North’s too”.

Besides, Japan abandoned properties which Japan kept in Korea before the war.
The amount is 5300 million, with the exception of defense- property.

5 Korea is trying to abolish Japan-Republic of Korea Basic Relations Treaty.
In the treaty, it is written clearly that Japan has finished paying all the compensation that occurred in war. Failure is imminent in Korea. They only want to get money.

6 Korea did an enormous number of diabolic savage killing and sexual assault, which even blue force U.S. Army hate to accept to, in Vietnam War. Please conduct search Lai Daihan. The problem of the killing and rape by Korean military was reported in Newsweek in America. According to Newsweek, the captain general in Korean military, 蔡命新, said “There is no necessity for us to compensate for. It was war”. But, Korea demands satisfaction for any nominal responsibility for the war, with fabricating history and accusing Japan of falsely.

7 I would like you to know that North Korea, South Korea and China have the most serious discrimination in this world.
Many people from these countries live in Japan, and their countries' education is still anti-Japanese. To make matters worse, they educate fabricated history. These countries brainwash their nations, with the education that Japan is a hypothetical enemy. They also act on political propaganda, to divert public attention from their maladministration.
They educate their nations that Japan is the Devil, in order to hold on their power.

8 Korean actions in Japan Expo in French.

9 The Toyota vehicle recall in America. It became known that it was systematic complaint by Korean living in the U.S. We received news saying that Hyundai, a Korean automaker, asked them.

10 Korean and Chinese dirty Japanese in Study Abroad and immigration.
They plant mental abuse that does not exist, about Japanese.

11 They gain entry Japanese quarter overseas, and keep Japanese away from there, and conduct operations. Now becoming a ghost town by it is a big crisis.

12 Some Korean is setting up a business with camouflaging themselves as Japanese. If it were to be catering establishment (e.g. Sushi), and if bad food were to be offered, it will be at risk of being eroded the confidence in Japan.

They said “Our nationality is Korea, however we live in Japan. So, Japan should give us pension”.

They should change their nationality if they want to draw a pension.
Other than the problem previously mentioned, many Koran demand preferential treatment with saying “it's a racial discrimination”.
Even now is there country by creating reasons to bum money from Germany and Italy in EU??

Please imagine that Japan fulsomely play a dirty trick on your country.
If, say, Japanese were to engage in political activities to demand “Free of Japanese schools fees” and “preferential treatment” with saying “it's a racial discrimination” in your country, what do you think??
You must say “Stop messing around” or “Go back your own country”.

By-talk 2
I have no intention of speaking ill of foreigners’ obtaining Japanese citizenship.
Some Korean-Japanese give Japan first priority.
For instance, Ri Tadanari(李 忠成, Lee Chung-Sung).
Former foreign citizen except Korean nationality:
Mike Havenaar,
Tanakaa Marukusu Tulio (Marcus Túlio Lyuji Murzani Tanaka)
SANTOS Alessandro
They battle with fairly, and chose Japanese citizenship.
They are contributing much greatly to Japan than most Japanese (especially me), and I think they are mentally prepared to live out their life in Japan.

Besides, Kin Bí-Leng. She was ex- Taiwanese, however she chose Japanese citizenship. She is extremely active for Japanese interests, more than most Japanese.

Almost all Japanese people will agree that such those who really care about Japan obtain Japanese citizenship. However, the reality is that some foreigners obtain Japanese citizenship, by reason that Japanese citizenship is greater convenience than their ex-citizenship.

By-talk 3
On the surface, you may suppose the Japanese Media is controlled by Korean. But, I am fully convinced that the problem is very involved with Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger.
Please consider the contents I stated ―especially the parts of GHQ- and several following facts.

<Hieda:A chairman of Fuji TV>
After the disaster, Hieda carried on a conversation with Henry Kissinger, who is famous for anti-Japan.
Also, Hieda carried on a conversation with Rockefeller too.

In short, Hieda have a connection to them.

<Dentsu:A huge advertising agency, which have perfect control over almost all mass media. Narita, a chairman of this company, is from the Korean peninsula.>

Minoru Morita, a commentariat, made the following statement about postal service privatization.
In 2005, one of my friends called me “I heard a gossip on Wall Street”. This was corporate America around the insurance field offered Japan's advertising agencies a job, with offering 1.5 trillion yen. The money is ad money for deluding Japanese into thinking that corporatization is virtue. More specifically, this is for postal service privatization.

Broadcasting TPP should the same approach. Almost all media conceal demerit, and they are uniformly driving. Besides, they are broadcasting with replacing opponents by prudent person.
Moreover, they are broadcasting with fake.
For instance, they broadcasted “the Prime Minister of Canada expressed joining in negotiations on TPP”.

However, Canada keeps to windward of TPP.

Also, they broadcasted “Mexico also expressed joining in negotiations on TPP”.
Actually, President of Mexico didn’t attend APEC on very short notice, because Minister died due to the crash of helicopter.
There is no room for expressing TPP in Mexico, but Japanese media broadcasted this “Mexico expressed joining in TPP”.

<Condemnation of Kamei and Ozawa. What of the issue of political donations of Kan, Maehara and Noda??>
Kamei is protecting money in Postal saving which buy up Japanese government bond. Kamei says “I hang tough until I am assassinated by CIA”.
The reason that Kamei was portrayed as the villain is he is protecting Postal saving from extortion by America.

Also, in a case Japan kick against America, America will use China.
They will attack Japanese finance and industrials with every strategy.
Or else, America will whip China at the expense of Japan, if America were to whip China.
⇒Politicians who have strong ties with China are important for Japan. China = Ozawa.

<There is a worry that political arena is bought out by U.S.A.>
An organized crime has ties to FBI.
Maehara, Noda, Renho, Watanabe(the leader of Your Party), and Gotoda(Liberal Democratic Party)receive money directly or indirectly from this organized crime.
Their one point in common is that they all love to America.

Matsushita School of Government and Management

Konosuke Matsushita: the so-called "God of management" who built the world's leading electronics empire, "Matsushita National Group” = Now Panasonic Group.

Konosuke Matsushita tried to set up School of Government and Management, but he had no knowledge of how to make it. And so he visited Arnold Toynbee, who set up MI6(Military Intelligence section 6). Then this was entrusted to Rockefeller-related Laboratory.
With undergoing these processes, Matsushita School of Government and Management has strong American flavor.
Noda is in the first batch of students at this School.

Shigeru Ishiba(Liberal Democratic Party)
A symposium was hosted by CSIS last week(the week Noda gave voice to join in negotiations of TPP in).
Japan-Handler -William J. Perry(He is descended from Perry, Black Ship), Joseph S. Nye, Richard L. Armitage, and so on- were in there.
2 politicians were attended there. Seiji Maehara and Shigeru Ishiba.
CSIS is an organization of agents toward Japan, and this is open secret in Japan.
The 2 persons were invented as first-class collaborators toward U.S.
It is obvious what this means.

Shinjiro Koizumi(Liberal Democratic Party)
He graduated from Kanto Gakuin University.(The class curve is about 40.)
After that, he went on to Columbia University.
Research team which tried to defeat the encryption made by Imperial Japanese Army in World War Ⅱ was in the University.
Even now the elite university studies Japan in U.S.A. Koizumi’s former teacher is Gerald L. Curtis. After graduating, Koizumi went to work as a part-time researcher for CSIS. After that he moved a job to politician.
By the way, Gerald L. Curtis is a CIA plant. Please conduct search The Crow: Crowley Files of 1996.
It went all but decided that Koizumi was a CIA plant toward Japan, before he moved a job to politician.

His father Jyunichiro Koizumi,I abbreviated in the movie, is ex-Prime Minister.
At this time, the financial services minister and economic and fiscal policy minister was Heizo Takenaka.
The media released catch lines, “postal service privatization” and “structural reform”, and succeeded in public opinion instruction.
Koizumi and Takenaka are new liberalists, who schmear U.S, and accomplished a structural reform, postal service privatization, etc.
Japan’s the life-time employment system started to fall apart, and the number of non-regular employees increase dramatically, from this point.
Middle class was broke down, and deflation gained speed, and citizens awaked to be deceived. This is one of factors of the change in administrations.
(It goes without saying further fraudster was Dem.
I think of saying that Japan has a low potential for departure from deflation unless many people get interested politics and economy and take note of handling of information by media.)

Postal service privatization was for U.S. Not for Japan.↓↓
“Invest postal to U.S”
This word was said by Takenaka on the program of TV-Asahi Network on April in 2008. There are no words to give away Takenaka’s real opinion.
But further surprisingly, also after the problem of subprime loans boiled up, he continues to say this.
I think was terrible if Japan Post buy in derivative financial instrument which comprehend subprime loans, how much was the loss??
It’s common knowledge that U.S sold bad debt -subprime loans- off at a higher price to foreign countries and reaped a big profit by acres of margin.

Heizo Takenaka loves U.S than Japan. I can say this as he drives forward TPP, too.
We can take it that Takenaka has no intention of keeping going soundness of Japanese economics.

※money of postal saving
It props up Japanese government bond.
If the equity of Japan Post was bought by foreign capital and the money was used to invest abroad, Japan will end.
If the equity of Japan Post was bought by US bank, they will mention “It is more efficient to invest US Treasury than to invest JGB, because the interest-rate of US Treasury is higher than that of JGB.
If refused, Japan will lose a case because Japan acts counter to equity shareholders.
Of course, credit-assessment agency performs as U.S government’s intended.
And, Japan must do massive tax increase to secure resources of JGB.
And, U.S government drive Japan money to invest US Treasury in large amounts, and U.S become systematic bankrupt. U.S gives way to new currency system.

※U.S demands the open of Japan Post and relaxation of regulations of beef, in return for Japan’s participation for TPP. Also if Japan were to participate in TPP, Japan has to eliminate regulation of releasing to foreign capital of Japan Post.
The catch of U.S is Japan’s finance, insurance and employment.

The Media doesn’t such upper at all.

Matsutaro Syoriki, who was a head of Yomiuri newspaper
He was CIA plant, according to WikiLeaks.
⇒Yomiuri is the U.S. propaganda machine.

Nihon TV
As I stated in the movie, CIA took a stake in this TV station at the time of founding.

11/11 = the day before Noda went to APEC.
Kissinger went to office of Prime Minister with Hieda of Fuji TV shortly after Noda made remarks -“I am going to hold a council in preparation for negotiation of TPP”- at a news conference. Rockefeller also arrived in Japan.
It's contemplated that the reasons that Maehara and Ishiba were very proactive to drive forward TPP is because the Boss arrived in Japan
It is natural for us that they put pressure upon Noda.

<undetermined manner of death>
One day, a commentator in NHK said following.
“Over 2000 people who have dual citizenship (Israel and U.S) work in WTC, but they all took a holiday by chance nevertheless 9/11 is weekday, and all their names are not on the list of victims.”
A few days later, the commentator was discovered dead in NHK. Police published it was suicide, however there was no farewell note.
There is a theory that 911 is drama written and enacted by U.S.
That is 911 is a rehash of Operation Northwoods.
They say I can arrive at conclusion so if I gather various evidence, however that’s not important now.

<Yonekura> Advocates of TPP.
A chairman of Sumitomo Chemical Co which forms a business partnership with Monsanto Co. (Rockefeller-related Co)
Incidentally, 5 months prior to disaster of an earthquake, Nihon(Japan) Medi-physics Co (Sumitomo Chemical Co-GE Healthcare Co (Rockefeller-related Co) joint-venture company)is ……

This in English can be translated as following.
We received dealership of depleting agent of radioactive Cesium from inside of the body “Radiogardase-Cs”.
~We introduce such medicament for the first time in Japan~

The riming is too right.
Additionally GE is a company which set out atomic furnace of Fukushima nuclear power.

Monsanto Co is a chemical maker which produced Agent Orange in the Vietnam War. Now they produce a large amount of gene-altered foods.
Monsanto is gangsters Co to do something like that they sue near-by farms for bag job, if the seeds of gene-altered foods scatter around near-by farms from Monsanto’s farms and the seeds grow.
Monsanto patented information of gene. Additionally, the seeds Monsanto sell don’t come out, so the formers must buy seeds from Monsanto every year.
If formers fall into this, formers must continue to pay money to Monsanto forever.
A literature says Mice which continue to eat gene-altered foods had a decline in immune function and internal organ damage.
Yonekura tries to popularize such foods through the use of TPP.

TPP has power to invade Japan’s original development of legal systems in the name of free trade. Government is condemned in the International Court of International Investment Disputes Arbitration Centre under the control of World Bank.
Even Japanese low will not be able to protect Japanese, by TPP.

As an aside, we can know the importance of foods.

<The plan of Noah’s ark>
Agricultural crops all over the world is on the road to extinction, due to the expanding altered foods.
The persons who are aware of this issue are Judaic capital. Rockefeller, Bill Gates and so on.
Bill Gates, Monsanto, and the Rockefeller Foundation realized the plan of preserving gene.

Now, the world faces a food crisis, and over 20 countries have introduced legislation that would ban exporting foods.
On March in this year, Farm Minister in Germany called Farm ministers in over 30 countries, and hold a meeting of “A country should make efforts to produce foods for nation in own country”.
FAO has same policy. Only U.S.A opposed it.
Also, I have information that the number of the countries which the price of foods doesn’t appreciate strongly in is 7 inclusive of Japan.

<The control of foods toward China>
Exporting pigs to China, with the systems that China cannot fend without American feed grains. It serves its purpose. The amount of consumption of pig meat in China is increasing. China is on the verge of becoming impossible to produce foods without American feed grains.

A person who controls oil can control countries. A person who controls foods can control population. A person who controls money can control entire world.
By Henry Kissinger

It just makes sense to me that such rule by Rockefeller is as following.
In ante-bellum days ―the era people took Westerners’ colonial rule of Asia for granted in-, they could control directly the West, Russia and Middle and Near East, but a country they couldn’t intervene directly emerged. That is Japan, which is governed by Emperor's family.
Japanese differed quite a bit from them, both racially and culturally. Therefore, they couldn’t gain entry to government executives directly.
So the ethnic group they got their eye on was Korean.
Saturated lethal covert action in media, in consumer finance and in government in Japan looks like loyal adherence they did in 18 century.

After the Second World War, U.S.A segmentalized Japan, and they fixed anti-Japanese Leader with Korea so that Korea doesn’t make terms with Japan.
They sealed history about Japan’s contribution to the development of Korea, and they instilled biter hatred to Japan in Korean.
I gather that they would like Korean living in Japan to be Jewry for the reasons that Korean living in Japan makes money from consumer finance, Pachinko and the media world.
Puritan who emigrated to America in pioneer days had an abhorrence of banking business. Jewry edged into there and accumulated wealth. Before anyone knows, America got into a country controlled by Jewry. The ways they had closely resemble in any countries. They fund minority group in the country, and let them overthrow dominant faction, and govern the country indirectly. The conflict between Japan and Korea is confrontation contrived by them.

After WW2, Chinese Communist Party and the Korean Peninsula were given function of agent of the Far East administrator, and perhaps as of now they are handling guarding and undermining Japan.

Today’s America is anachronistic imperialistic country. Imperialism is not always acted by force. Smart Power. This is a word proposed by Joseph S. Nye, and Hillary Clinton used this word. If we call force hard-power, the today’s way of controlling other nations without using force is Smart Power pure and simple.
TPP = Unequal treaty which give America a 10-to-1 advantage over their competitors.
If Japan rarify TPP, Japan will be economic colony of America.
I can say Today’s Japan is overrun.

I am extremely grateful for TOMODACHI mission(=mission of friend), and much aid by American citizen.
However, given the fact that promulgators of Tomodachi mission have a substantial overlap with promulgators of TPP, I cannot take stock in the high place of the Pentagon.

Foreign Ownership Limited of all companies is abolished by U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement.
⇒As a result, U.S. company can buy up Korean company.(The image is a company which many Korean work in.)

And I would like to make a definitive statement.
TPP is not just another unequal treaty.
What TPP are going to be is American investment (1% of population)is going to be become economic ruler, and be the enslavement of the Contracting Parties to the Convention and American citizen.
It’s not coercion by brute force but formulation of helotism by business activity.
It’s reign by multinational business, and by investments.

Who is widely known investor in U.S.??
Who is holder of many companies??

By-talk 4
『The Shock Doctrine: the Rise of Disaster Capitalism』Written by Naomi Klein

For free society from regulation, give social people some shock, and become reality when people cannot judge things normally. By Milton Friedman
This book is analyzing U.S. government have carried out above policy in recent decades.
Agree to TPP when people reduced ability to think due to disaster of an earthquake and atomic-power accident. It goes like this

And, current state in Japan is very like the things happening in South America.
U.S.A. invited many South American elite students to a University which extreme free market economy is taught in ― for instance the University of Chicago ― so that U.S companies facilitate the absorption of profits. U.S indoctrinated such elite students with an idea of deregulating all market and transferring infrastructure industry into private hands.
And U.S. let them sell public infrastructure ―resources, telecommunications, water project and so on- to foreign capital for a song, and the level of daily lives of South American citizens declined. The present situation of Japan is remarkably similar to the South American prior state. Politicians coming back from America and politicians who connect with America through Matsushita School of Government and Management are trying to fulfill roles of former elite South American.

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